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Because it's something I've been grappling with for a while myself, I got curious about how other people save and store the fanfiction they read (or intend to read), either on- or offline. And since I just re-upped my paid time on dreamwidth, it looks like conditions are perfect for a poll! For these purposes, when I talk about "saving a story", I mean "putting it (or a link to it) in any physical, digital, or virtual space for your own personal access at a later date, for any reason". So:

A poll! Your personal fanfiction curation habits: describe them to me! )

Obviously this poll is limited to my own experiences and knowledge, so I would dearly love to hear about the practices that work for you. Or practices that are no longer working for you! There's also the fact that I myself am exclusively a reader and not a writer of fanfiction. If you're a writer, does that affect your archiving habits? Do you handle your own fic differently? What about saving other fannish works, like art and podfic and vids and meta? I'm especially unfamiliar with fanart communities and their homes on the web, and with vids I very quickly run into the problem of limited disk space. So what do you do?

Here's how my current system is set up: every story I read that I ever want to lay my hands on again, I a) save in html format to my laptop (which subsequently gets backed up to an external drive) and b) bookmark in my delicious account. It's important to me to have both, since anything can disappear from the internet at any moment (sites go down, links break, C&D letters are served, authors pull their work, etc.), but a library in the cloud is, by definition and design, accessible a) to anyone b) from anywhere. Thus, in a perfect world I would have a perfectly redundant system consisting of local, offline electronic copies and the corresponding referral links to the online versions of those stories.

But (spoiler!) it isn't a perfect world, and this is how things actually shake out:

How things actually shake out )
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My luggage has finally caught up to me! It only took three days! I'm going to pretend that I traveled via wormhole instead of jet plane so I can blame time dilation, because that's so much cooler and less ragey than human apathy and incompetence.

And now, we meme:

Name a fandom or a fannish topic and I will share my unpopular fandom opinions on the matter. Or any opinion, because I have lots of those and don't always know which ones are unpopular or not.

Unpopular fandom opinions, ahoy! Here, I'll start: Patrick Stump? Totally overrated! THERE, I SAID IT. Okay, now you go.
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[profile] smallbeer is asking how would you define "manpain" in a fannish context? for the ultimate purpose of creating a Fanlore entry.

Based on responses in the comments, I have made a flowchart to help us out! Click the thumbnail for the full-size version.

How To Tell If Your Pain is ~Manpain~

ETA: Now with bonus "START" node, title, and attribution! Also more right angles! Oh, hindsight. Is there nothing you can't make obvious??
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a. baby's first jury summons! it's for federal court; my term of service is two weeks, on telephone standby, beginning january 9th. on one hand there's the dorky thrill of THE SIXTH AMENDMENT and CIVIC DUTY; on the other there's bureaucratic shenanigans starting at eight a.m.; also the ominous creakings of the criminal justice system.

b. i have seven library books currently checked out, but all i want to read right now is the golden compass (first in the his dark materials trilogy), the book that WILL NOT COME.

c. the other day i saw shopgirl with [livejournal.com profile] malelia_honu and her mom. thoughts )

d. there are memes sweeping through my flist that i'm really enjoying reading but have zero intention of participating in myself, because 1) i am—what's the opposite of intimidating? and 2) when it comes to things i assume you know or think you should know about me, i have trouble coming up with two things to rub together. if anyone has any questions, you are more than welcome to ask.

e. i am embarking on a personal feedback project. it might take a while for anyone to notice this, but everything i read and enjoy from now on will be feedbacked, and also i will retroactively feedback most if not all of what i have saved to disk. oh, yes.

here's the thing: for several years i've been not so much lurking on the fringes of fandom as hiding out in the subspace of fandom. social contact makes me nervous, breaking into established social networks makes me want to panic, and when i say i have trouble making overtures, i don't just mean that i couldn't visit a professor at his or her office hours unless mandated or i'd just slept through a midterm, i mean i couldn't call my therapist back. i acquit myself very nicely when actually with people, and i'm thrilled when people approach *me*, but my first instinct is never to initiate. there, that's probably at least one thing you should know about me.

i'm embracing the fandom thing though. i love it here. you are all awesome. and when you say interesting things and write beautiful stories, i don't just feel an obligation to tell you, i want to tell you. it's going to be slow going at first, because first i have to panic over each one, and then i have to articulate exactly what to say; in general i don't like just leaving i loved this! unless it's a particularly short and fluffy thing, because i'd much rather give back the effort a writer put into writing—that is, whatever i got out of the story, i want you to know exactly what it was, what my favorite parts were, what i found particularly effective. it's going to get easier, because things always do.

f. bellsouth called the other day to tell us DSL would be available in our area in two weeks time, O FRABJOUS, FRABJOUS DAY. i would dearly love to upload lots and lots of music for you all, plus i cannot WAIT to download episodes of this cheesy sci-fi show, for the love of god.

g. over thanksgiving my brother m. sat me down in front of the internets and forced me to search through job listings on monster.com and also to tell him—wait for it—what i would like to do for the rest of my life. on a whim we requested a brochure from ITT technical institute, because i told him that if i had college to do all over again, i'd go in for web design (also i would set my sights on a much smaller school in a much larger city, but that's another story). a friendly man named joe has since called me twice, and sent me email once, urging me to contact him so he can give me a campus tour and more information. he sounds so sweet.

h. hey, television. arrested development and kitchen confidential were hilarious last night. HILARIOUS. are they actually being cancelled? do we know for SURE?

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