walkingshadow: anne taintor. it's not easy being easy. (jf: this week's love song)
because it brightened my otherwise bleak existence buried under reams and reams of paper in the corner of the file room eight hours a day*, have a picture of a happy joe flanigan wearing THE GAYEST SHIRT EVER. ever, ever, ever! JOE.

* man, i am such a liar! well, i am buried under reams and reams of paper in the back corner of the file room for eight hours a day, and it is still soul-crushing, etc. (though today one of the secretaries assured me that she doesn't blame me for the backlog, since i am obviously "working my ass off," and then she offered to buy me lunch—a nice lunch!—if i ever got it all caught up) but my existence has been brightened considerably this week by 1) farscape (I AM IN LOVE WITH BEN BROWDER'S TRICEPS KTHX), 2) going out for sushi on tuesday, 3) seeing the flaming lips in concert last night (kansas and m. think i got a contact high from the guy smoking up next to me, but i told them it's just that three vodka tonics is enough to get me wasted), and 4) eating lunch outside with m. today, because it was GORGEOUS. and to keep things interesting on the subconscious front, i have twice had strange dreams about taking standardized tests in bizarre locations with my entire high school class. i wonder what's on my mind!

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