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saw goblet of fire last night with [livejournal.com profile] malelia_honu, her friend r., and three of r.'s friends.

reactions and spoilers and spoilery reactions )

i have no patience for people who take small children to eleven-p.m. movie showings and then bitch them out when they need the bathroom. or, worse, when they don't bitch them out for talking through the entire movie, spoiling their neighbors for every major and minor event. that kid wasn't sitting next to me, he was sitting next to one of r.'s friends—who didn't slap a gag in the kid's mouth, but it sounds like it was a close thing.
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birthday dinner for my mum went off very well last sunday, though the cake didn't so much. that, however, was through no fault of my own, but the fault of the oven (it did the exact same thing the last time my mother tried it a few months ago), and we've determined that my mother hasn't been doing nearly enough baking recently to establish the proper temperature levels of the new oven, and we'll just have to keep at it until we get it right. it's all in the name of science. and then last night we all went out for a birthday dinner on her actual birthday, which would have been more fun if the kids had been less cranky, but was still fun, and ended in ice cream. i've yet to get my mother a birthday present of my own, but have engineered the giving of both a probe thermometer (for meat and poultry) and season one of northern exposure, both big hits. hopefully we'll get to watch an episode or two before c. and the boys go home on saturday.

s. and i studied yet again on tuesday, and i'd forgotten we were supposed to meet—again—today, so i didn't set an alarm and was, of course, late. it was also a day where i couldn't do math in stupid ways, and that's irritating. but! today was the first night of bellydancing class for me and cousin m. and that was a good time. there are fourteen women in the class, from early late teens or early twenties to mid-fifties (plus one young girl who came with her mom), and it's amazing how awkward and utterly uncoordinated some people are, but we're having fun. i don't think i'll be able to lift my arms tomorrow.
[eta: my shoulders are okay so far, but i'm sore in strange places, e.g. my hips and obliques. this is going to be better than pilates.]

[livejournal.com profile] gjstruthseeker was in town for a spell earlier in the week and is expected to reappear for the weekend, but has still not read harry potter and the half-blood prince, making all proto-fic babble on my part completely impossible ([livejournal.com profile] silentfire is my voice of encouragement and sanity, thank god). instead she keeps asking spoilery questions which i keep refusing to answer. we did have a good time though, rehashing conspiracy theories (conclusion: dumbledore is an evil, evil man) and making our heads hurt trying to track the references and allusions. i mean, dumbledore has a scar above his knee, just like odysseus did (and it identified him as the rightful ruler when he finally got back to troy 20 years later), but what does that MEAN?

but what's really important is that 1) [livejournal.com profile] rageprufrock finished hindsight and it was just as amazing as you might have hoped, and 2) i have been watching actual episodes of stargate:atlantis and am so in love it's passed being not even funny anymore and is funny again. as expected, i have approximately 3987234 screencaps from the eight episodes i have watched so far, and will probably post a whole bunch of icons for the taking once i make them. in the meantime,

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"home" is the next episode up. like hawkeye pierce, i am so excited i could plotz.

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Y'all, I did something so bad to my neck in my sleep last night. So bad that I had to think very carefully about how I was going to get out of bed when I woke up early this afternoon, and after I did make it upright, the first thing I lunged for was the heating pad, and the heating pad and I then communed for a couple of hours. I've gotten back about three times the range of motion I woke up with, which is still less than half of what I'm used to. There was a time in there when it was warm and loosening up that I thought I'd be able to make it to the gym today after all, but both parents made that-probably-isn't-the-best-idea-you've-ever-had noises, plus I can't even pretend to look over my left shoulder and therefore can't drive; also it hurts when I walk. In summation: ow. I took care of my body and my body abandoned me.

It turns out I'm going to be taking bellydancing lessons with cousin M. for the next six or eight Thursdays. I agreed to it because 1) I don't think she was going to do it if I wasn't, but she really wanted to; and 2) my dad called across the house to tell me she was on the phone when I was in the kitchen and had just sliced a nectarine in half: I answered with the knife and the nectarine in hand, and the phone cord is like two feet long so I was stuck holding onto both of them and dripping for the duration of the call—which was long, and consisted of four parts—so I was looking to end it and get back to the sink as quickly as politeness would allow. And then suddenly I was taking bellydancing lessons. Okay.

I started re-reading the Harry Potter books starting with Philosopher's Stone, intending to take epic, epic notes for both research and general knowledge purposes, but first got distracted by properly coding my notes, and then got totally absorbed in Chapter 4 ("Yer a wizard, Harry Potter!"). Considering how cold HBP left me (and, as I told [livejournal.com profile] gjstruthseeker, I don't know if that's just because I approached it with my analyzation glasses on or what, but I thought other people had had the same reaction?) I was greatly heartened to find I was still thrilled and touched by the world we were establishing and that Harry was finally gaining entrance to. I have not yet made it past Chapter 4.

My family and I have finished Season Eight of M*A*S*H and have therefore exhausted our current supply. To compensate, we've cracked open the Sports Night DVDs. It was a fantastic show, and would feel even MORE fantastic if only every episode upon re-viewing didn't feel like a dress rehearsal for The West Wing.

As for tonight's network television, namely the episode "Heavy" of House, does S1 House talk need to go behind a cut? watch me now as I err on the side of caution )

But! Oh! Livejournal, since last we spoke [livejournal.com profile] rageprufrock posted both Part 3 AND Part 4 of Hindsight, and says now we can probably expect two more parts before it wraps up, if anyone has been keeping away out of habitual WIP-avoidance. Who are you people, by the way? Where does all that cast-iron self-control COME FROM?

I love Said the Gramophone so much, both for the music they feature and the methods they come up with for talking about the music. There was, for example, Nikto Ti Nepovie Pravdu by Zivé Kvety, "the hottest garage-pop band in Bratislava. Yes, Slovakia," about which Sean said,

If this song were having a conversation with itself:

SONG: Hey! Are you going to the movie?
Song: Movie? Look what I'm doing!
SONG: You're jumping up and down on the grass!
Song: I'm jumping up and down on the grass!
SONG: Yes! That looks fun!
Song: Join me! Look, I'm baking cookies too!
SONG: My electric guitar is a baseball bat that only hits home-runs!
Song: Thank god we're no longer controlled by the Communists!

How can you not appreciate people who appreciate something so much? I don't find every description they post appealing, and I don't adore every song I download, but I love plenty, and no matter what, I love reading what they have to say.

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Oh my god, am I only just now noticing that "Dark Mark" rhymes? I mean, it sounds . . . marketable. Like a water gun. "The Dark Mark 3000! Impress your friends! Inspire fear and panic in the hearts of your enemies! Cadre of Death Eaters to back you up not included."

I haven't finished reading A Feast in Azkaban, but I got a good way through it last night and holy shit you need to read it too. It's Sirius in Azkaban, but it's also Sirius's life, and this is *my* Sirius, even if he's not as much fun as Sirius can be; these are his darkest moments. It gets him and it gets the ethos and atmosphere of the books, how sad they are and how tragic.

[livejournal.com profile] silentfire has been trying to get me to write fic for something like three years, and for three years I've been rebuffing her easily by saying that I have no stories to tell—and that if and when I find a story, I'll write it. I have the horrible suspicion that one has found me. There's a text file called "proto-fic" on my desktop. It consists of an outline and references to passages and many notes to self. I have raided my mother's classroom and am now in possession of all six books. I have no idea what I'm getting myself into.

And now I bring you some Book 7 spec, partly based on HBP SPOILERS )

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I finished HBP on Sunday and have been reading through everybody's reactions and writing up my own ever since. Also I now have seven HP icons uploaded—a full quarter of the total complement! Bring on the meta, baby. I am prepared.

all the cool kids had HBP SPOILERS WITHIN-style cut tags and I wanted one too )

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When I signed offline at about 2:30 this morning, activity on the internets had just about ground to a halt. People were either at CFTC, reading HBP, watching Sci-Fi channel season premiers, avoiding spoilers for the latter two in a collective paranoid frenzy (with good reason, as some people still don't get it), or some combination of all of the above. Twelve hours later, my flist is one big cut tag on which I CANNOT CLICK.

Off now to Barnes & Noble to purchase a copy of Harry Potter and the Complete Implosion of Fandom.

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I'm remarkably chipper considering I've been awake since two o'clock yesterday afternoon! I can't wait for the crash later. It will be SPECTACULAR.

After I posted Wednesday night saying I really should be getting to bed, I stayed up and finished the site. Finished! It took until three or three-thirty, but I lifted my hands from the keyboard and had nothing more to do. For anyone who is curious, it is here. It needs a contact page and one or two tweaks. Feel free to tell me it is awesome, or that it SUCKS.

And then I went to bed a lot, and slept in until something like two in the afternoon, I think; and I did laundry. Some time before I went to take a shower the internet went down and I went O.o because I seriously, actually need the internets to research and write the paper. But I showered, and headed out to Little for the public screening of our Anthro projects, which was well-attended! It was held in the room I had that fucking Anthro of Religion class in a couple of years ago, so I feel I have taken back that lecture hall. We had pizza and showed the videos to a warm reception; for our my site, the room was equipped with a wireless mouse, so we asked for a volunteer from the audience and they navigated through it from their seat! Ooh, the technology.

It was about a quarter to nine when I disentangled myself from everyone and headed out, and I was wearing a skirt and didn't particularly want to write a paper yet, so I called Jules and said, "come enable me!" and she dutifully collected me and took us off to Maude's for coffee and Harry Potter conspiracy theories. You thought we'd forgotten, but no! M. joined us after a bit, but he kept proposing theories we could either disprove or that made our heads hurt (Dumbledore and Harry are the same person! Dumbledore and Voldemort are the same person! Harry and Voldemort are the same person! It all involved the judicious application of Time Turners). The question we're fixated on at the moment is what happened to Harry and Hagrid between the time Hagrid picked Harry out of the rubble of Godric's Hollow immediately after the Voldemort-Potter showdown (and how, exactly did Dumbledore (and Sirius, for that matter), who directed Hagrid to fetch Harry, know what had happened so quickly?) and the time they show up on Sirius's motorbike on Privet Drive. It takes a whole day, but he never mentions where they've been in all that time (McGonagall, in animagus form, is reading a map when Vernon Dursley sees her; perhaps she was trying to figure out how he could have gotten lost?); in fact, as I kept mentioning, when he talks to Dumbledore and McGonagall, he gives the impression that he picked Harry up and came straight to Privet Drive—that is, that he has just come from Godric's Hollow—except it took him twenty-four hours. We're inclined to think Hagrid lost a day when Dumbledore OBLIVIATED him while doing evil-mastermind type things. Other things to consider: Dumbledore is shocked! to see McGonagall on Privet Drive when he shows up—whyyy? And when does Dumbledore talk to Petunia? We know he had to have at some point, because he mentions it in the Howler he sends her in OotP. And, um, other things. And Dumbledore is evol-with-an-'o,' but we knew that.

We called it quits at about midnight, because Jules and M. were going to put in a token appearance at a party, but I had a paper to write, damn it. So she dropped me back home, and the internet was still unwilling to communicate, so in the absence of livejournal I resorted to solitaire for my procrastination. Eventually I pulled out the outline and totally reconstructed it, in a way that makes sense and that I can just flesh out. The thing is, I have actual things to say in this paper. It interests me, and I have data to talk about, and I'm skimming through my articles and Language and the Internet and will be able to pull relevant things from them. I do actually need internet access for data and sources and definitions though, so at about eight a.m. I called the computer help desk and told them THE INTERNETS ARE DOWN SEND HELP. Eventually, they did. As you can see!

Maybe you just have to take a couple of days to settle into sleep-deprivation, because I am slightly punchy and my fingers are going numb, but I feel okay! The bus leaves at four-thirty, and in the best of ALL POSSIBLE worlds (at Maude's M. and I went a couple of rounds on time travel and alternate universes; in the end I don't buy it, but that's just me) I will finish in enough time to not only email the thing to E., but print it out and stick a hard copy in his mailbox before getting on the bus and sleeping all the way home.

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