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I'm remarkably chipper considering I've been awake since two o'clock yesterday afternoon! I can't wait for the crash later. It will be SPECTACULAR.

After I posted Wednesday night saying I really should be getting to bed, I stayed up and finished the site. Finished! It took until three or three-thirty, but I lifted my hands from the keyboard and had nothing more to do. For anyone who is curious, it is here. It needs a contact page and one or two tweaks. Feel free to tell me it is awesome, or that it SUCKS.

And then I went to bed a lot, and slept in until something like two in the afternoon, I think; and I did laundry. Some time before I went to take a shower the internet went down and I went O.o because I seriously, actually need the internets to research and write the paper. But I showered, and headed out to Little for the public screening of our Anthro projects, which was well-attended! It was held in the room I had that fucking Anthro of Religion class in a couple of years ago, so I feel I have taken back that lecture hall. We had pizza and showed the videos to a warm reception; for our my site, the room was equipped with a wireless mouse, so we asked for a volunteer from the audience and they navigated through it from their seat! Ooh, the technology.

It was about a quarter to nine when I disentangled myself from everyone and headed out, and I was wearing a skirt and didn't particularly want to write a paper yet, so I called Jules and said, "come enable me!" and she dutifully collected me and took us off to Maude's for coffee and Harry Potter conspiracy theories. You thought we'd forgotten, but no! M. joined us after a bit, but he kept proposing theories we could either disprove or that made our heads hurt (Dumbledore and Harry are the same person! Dumbledore and Voldemort are the same person! Harry and Voldemort are the same person! It all involved the judicious application of Time Turners). The question we're fixated on at the moment is what happened to Harry and Hagrid between the time Hagrid picked Harry out of the rubble of Godric's Hollow immediately after the Voldemort-Potter showdown (and how, exactly did Dumbledore (and Sirius, for that matter), who directed Hagrid to fetch Harry, know what had happened so quickly?) and the time they show up on Sirius's motorbike on Privet Drive. It takes a whole day, but he never mentions where they've been in all that time (McGonagall, in animagus form, is reading a map when Vernon Dursley sees her; perhaps she was trying to figure out how he could have gotten lost?); in fact, as I kept mentioning, when he talks to Dumbledore and McGonagall, he gives the impression that he picked Harry up and came straight to Privet Drive—that is, that he has just come from Godric's Hollow—except it took him twenty-four hours. We're inclined to think Hagrid lost a day when Dumbledore OBLIVIATED him while doing evil-mastermind type things. Other things to consider: Dumbledore is shocked! to see McGonagall on Privet Drive when he shows up—whyyy? And when does Dumbledore talk to Petunia? We know he had to have at some point, because he mentions it in the Howler he sends her in OotP. And, um, other things. And Dumbledore is evol-with-an-'o,' but we knew that.

We called it quits at about midnight, because Jules and M. were going to put in a token appearance at a party, but I had a paper to write, damn it. So she dropped me back home, and the internet was still unwilling to communicate, so in the absence of livejournal I resorted to solitaire for my procrastination. Eventually I pulled out the outline and totally reconstructed it, in a way that makes sense and that I can just flesh out. The thing is, I have actual things to say in this paper. It interests me, and I have data to talk about, and I'm skimming through my articles and Language and the Internet and will be able to pull relevant things from them. I do actually need internet access for data and sources and definitions though, so at about eight a.m. I called the computer help desk and told them THE INTERNETS ARE DOWN SEND HELP. Eventually, they did. As you can see!

Maybe you just have to take a couple of days to settle into sleep-deprivation, because I am slightly punchy and my fingers are going numb, but I feel okay! The bus leaves at four-thirty, and in the best of ALL POSSIBLE worlds (at Maude's M. and I went a couple of rounds on time travel and alternate universes; in the end I don't buy it, but that's just me) I will finish in enough time to not only email the thing to E., but print it out and stick a hard copy in his mailbox before getting on the bus and sleeping all the way home.
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It occurs to me that I must have walked around chronically sleep-deprived in my last two years or so of high school. I remember getting three or four hours of sleep regularly (up late—on the internets—and then up early for the school); I remember sleeping on the bus, morning and afternoon; I remember once catching a nap in the middle of a European history test. Who knew I'd get to college and actually develop better sleeping habits? In the end, it's all a function of how long I can sleep in.

The LAH paper got sent out at like, four-thirty yesterday; Jules was home at the time, so she drove me over to slip a hard copy under his door (in the instructions for turning in our take-home final next week, he explicitly warns us not to slip any papers under any doors; oops?), and then we stood in line for a few minutes across the street because it was FREE CONE DAY at Ben & Jerry's. Ice cream was, of course, just what I needed on an empty stomach and three hours of sleep. Then Jules went off to work and I trailed around campus: to Broward for real food, to the CSE lab to poke around online for a while, to the Hub for a newspaper, and back home. I suddenly remembered tomorrow was pot-luck day in Anthro and I'd been tapped for cookies again. The 34 bus took forty-five minutes to come by (a lovely forty-five minutes they were, breezy and cool, but a bit boring and I kinda had things to do), running up and down the aisles with a basket took fifteen minutes and yielded fruit, deodorant, peanut butter, whole-wheat ravioli (!), etc. Plus the cookies. It all cost about thirty-five bucks, but I spent eighty-five, because with cash-back one can now buy money.

I worked on the site for hours after I got home and reconstituted some soup. I mean, I also compulsively refreshed the flist and read odd bits of fic, but I worked a lot. I was very, very tired and my legs ached; it could have been because of all the walking around I'd done after the atrophying my muscles have started to do during this, my unfortunate gym hiatus, but it wasn't. It was more like the growing pains I'd had as a kid, a pounding ache where my quads are but that isn't muscular; it's just sleep-deprivation and stress. At three-thirty I felt bad enough to take two tylenol and a long, hot shower, and that worked some.

I got some sleep between six and eight or eight-thirty, then scraped together the last bits to present as much of a completed product as I could in class today. I was twenty minutes late because of some technical difficulties (I found the cap on my UF server space! and had to purge), but they loved the site and I am AWESOME. Of course, they loved the site last week when it was crap, but they seemed suitably more impressed today. They had good minor suggestions which I will incorporate for the screening tomorrow night. The other groups' videos were great to watch (the ones that were done; there's one group still struggling mightily), and between their technical difficulties and our pot-luck break, we managed to turn one hour worth of class into our usual three. I came home after an aborted attempt at errand-running, stared at an update window for a few minutes, and then napped for an hour before African history. I bought a bus ticked for this Friday at the Union after class (after the last class! there is no more class now) and had good ideas about doing laundry, but got distracted by fic and had only gotten to the sorted-piles-of-dirty-clothes-on-the-floor stage before Jules called and said she and the guys were going for dinner, did I want to come? And I shouldn't have gone, and I shouldn't have gotten a massive hamburger and fries at Friday's, but I did and I did. I had a good time, and I feel a lot less wretched after eating; I haven't been doing too well for myself lately. This morning I didn't even manage breakfast while I was coding and resizing pictures; I remember that from high school too, being so tired in the morning I couldn't eat, wanting to gag on whatever was in my chest.

It's too late to bother starting laundry now; what I should do, if I'm not going to write the paper now, is go to sleep now; I'll be up all night tomorrow. I need to finish the linguistics paper before I leave town on Friday (I finally asked who was expected for seder this year, and it turns out everybody is; at least I'm getting my money's worth) and when I come back on Monday, I'll have to write on three questions for LAH (one of which is on a book I haven't read and don't own) and study (or pretend to) for the AFH final, both on Tuesday. The anthro paper is due some time in there too, Monday or Thursday, or maybe I'll get it done tomorrow while I'm busy kicking myself for not actually putting the work into the linguistics paper that I was—and am—actually interested in. It just would have been too easy.

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