Friday, April 16th, 2010

walkingshadow: tony stark gets his drink on (where's the kid with the chemicals)
Via [ profile] porntestpilot, Diesel is releasing a limited edition Iron Man version of their Only The Brave cologne. BEHOLD:

You can smell like Tony Stark too!

[personal profile] silentfire: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[personal profile] walkingshadow: :D :D :D :D
[personal profile] silentfire: ONLY THE BRAVE
[personal profile] silentfire: . . . would want to smell like tony stark
[personal profile] walkingshadow: . . . are willing to smell like someone who has spent the last eight days locked in a garage welding things to other things?
[personal profile] silentfire: oh god, why?
[personal profile] silentfire: also, that's a fist, right?
[personal profile] silentfire: the bottle is shaped like a fist?
[personal profile] walkingshadow: it is shaped like a fist!
[personal profile] walkingshadow: i'm sure it's supposed to be manly and menacing and not in any way crazily kinkily sexual!
[personal profile] silentfire: yeah, all i get from that is scary/bad porn
[personal profile] walkingshadow: oh god i just got a vision of someone using it to check off their "object penetration (unusual objects)" square for the next round of kink bingo
[personal profile] walkingshadow: WHY BRAIN WHY
[personal profile] silentfire: lolllllll
[personal profile] silentfire: well, it looks like a fist! encased in latex! clutching a sex toy!
[personal profile] silentfire: i don't blame you
[personal profile] walkingshadow: i mean what are we SUPPOSED to think?
[personal profile] walkingshadow: it's bondage iron man all over again!
[personal profile] silentfire: really, is there any other kind?
[personal profile] walkingshadow: no, bondage iron man is pretty much the only iron man

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