walkingshadow: tony stark gets his drink on (where's the kid with the chemicals)
walkingshadow ([personal profile] walkingshadow) wrote2011-03-09 10:28 pm

like a toothpick in a club sandwich

a. Last weekend [personal profile] silentfire came and stayed at my place, and we had brunch, and then I got taken out for delicious, delicious tapas (because tapas means never having to make up your mind!) with A. and L. and Kansas and M., and it was way too loud to be as awkward as it could have been, and I got PRESENTS, and then [personal profile] silentfire and I went dancing and drinking until 4 a.m. Well, I did most of the dancing. Um, and the drinking. Then we spent Sunday a) sleeping the fuck in, b) eating brunch, c) sitting in the coffee shop down the street with our laptops set up back-to-back on a tiny table, sending each other fic quotes over chat and making dozens and dozens of Sensitive Steve macros (our new all-time favorite pastime), and d) eating meatloaf and watching Megamind with Kansas and M. In conclusion: A++, WOULD HAVE A BIRTHDAY AGAIN.

b. Usually my parents give me money for my birthday (always a good choice!), but this year they got me a gift certificate to Amazon, and it's BRILLIANT. I have never felt more like a kid in a candy store. There are a ton of books and DVDs that have been on my wishlist for ages, and I could probably use a small kitchen appliance or two (electric kettle? hot pot? toaster oven?), but at the top of my list these days are new headphones, a printer, and a kegel exerciser. I can't wait for them all to come in half a dozen boxes over the next two weeks!

c. I have a job interview tomorrow! It's just a part-time front-desk position at this, like, boutique optometrist's office, and I'd try not to get excited about it, but fuck it, I AM. I'm excited. My hopes are up. On the phone yesterday morning the optometrist emphasized repeatedly that he isn't looking to hire someone—he's looking to hire the ~RIGHT~ someone. So even if it's unsuccessful, it has the potential to at least be extremely hilarious.

d. I'm a week or two behind on all my shows. TV shouldn't feel like homework. >:(

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