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walkingshadow ([personal profile] walkingshadow) wrote 2010-04-26 10:27 pm (UTC)

Your system makes my little OCD heart go pitter-patter! :D

I didn't use browser bookmarks because I didn't want them to know I was reading porn in junior high

Oh man, I hear you! In my family we all had separate accounts in AOL so as long as I signed off when I left the computer (and I was MILITANT about that), my bookmarks were private.

This was before the journal migration had really sunk its teeth in, so most people were still writing long chaptered fics instead of oneshots.

This is interesting, and something I haven't given a whole lot of thought to, that livejournal opened up fic writing to different lengths and formats and structures. It probably goes hand in hand with the generational shift and the change in writing style from the older, purpler prose.

I save vids to my hard drive when I can, but I do have a disk space issue. I also try to save their header posts to my delicious, but occasionally I forget. Meta also gets saved to the delicious.

I do the same. Though I was dismayed the other day when I was looking through the meta I'd bookmarked over the years to find so many broken links and locked-down posts. And vids are more likely to disappear from the internet than anything! What then? Enter the AO3?

Also I have a "to be read" tag with about 150 fics in it. It always seems to get longer. *keeps fretting*

TRUEST. My "unread" tag had something totally ludicrous like 1,400 bookmarks, and having them mixed in with the stories I HAD read (and had decided were worth keeping) was really anxiety-inducing. I solved it by creating a totally separate delicious account and dumping all my unread bookmarks in there, and instead of feeling guilty that I haven't read every single story in it, I use it as a resource for when I'm between fandoms and aimless, or ready to tackle a particular fandom (either again or for the first time). My delicious tags still give me a ridiculous amount of anxiety, between their inconsistencies due to changes I've made in my bookmarking practices, the gaps I want to fill in, and my attempts to figure out how everybody ELSE is doing it so I can get on the same page with them and maximize the social part of social bookmarking. *frets with you*

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