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the seagull is totally pete ([personal profile] trinity_clare) wrote in [personal profile] walkingshadow 2010-04-26 08:00 pm (UTC)

How many different places I've saved a fic is directly related to how much I liked it. Witness:

Liked it: delicious
Will definitely want to reread: delicious with a favorite tag
Loved it so much I want access to it in case the power goes out and I'm bereft of the internet for hours and hours: html saved to my hard drive
Loved it so much I want to take a highlighter to it: printouts in a 3-ring binder.

Those are cumulative, so stories in the last category will also belong to the first three.

Before I was on LJ I pasted urls into a Word doc on my parents' computer (I didn't use browser bookmarks because I didn't want them to know I was reading porn in junior high), and when I first got on LJ it was to read WIPs, so I didn't really need to bookmark anything for a while. This was before the journal migration had really sunk its teeth in, so most people were still writing long chaptered fics instead of oneshots. I got a delicious in fall 2005, and mostly used it in place of browser bookmarks, combining fannish and non-fannish links. About a year later I joined SPN fandom, which was my first non-HP fandom and thus my first exposure to the mainline slash-based media fandom at large. Back then I used to bookmark pretty much everything regardless of quality (I've been meaning to go back and cull the badfic), but the older I get the pickier I get, so it's been evening out. I do need to go back and revamp the tags on the older links, though. *frets*

I save vids to my hard drive when I can, but I do have a disk space issue. I also try to save their header posts to my delicious, but occasionally I forget. Meta also gets saved to the delicious. Also I have a "to be read" tag with about 150 fics in it. It always seems to get longer. *keeps fretting*

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