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Here via Metafandom delicious

For awhile I used to download and save fic onto disks, but I stopped once it occured to me that I rarely went back and read them. Around this time I'd really discovered archives and how most people posted to them anyways, so I didn't need to save them to disk. Once I came to LJ I used the memories feature extensively, but stopped once [ profile] viciouswishes pointed me at delicious.

I think the most interesting thing about my move to delicious was the number of fics I choose not to migrate. When going through my memories I ran across entire swaths of my fannish history that I had no desire to retread. Pairings I was no longer interested in, fandoms I no longer cared about. I'd say there were hundreds of fics that never made the transition.

Now I use delicious almost exclusively. The past few years have made me very blaise about losing all my information on my computer (laptop crash, one serious virus that required a complete re-installation of my OS and two hard drive failures due to a faulty hard drive on my new computer) so I attempt to keep anything really important either in the cloud or on my external. If it's irreplaceable it doesn't belong on my computer. On that same note backing up my Firefox profile is a good thing.

I also use Read It Later far too much. Whenever I do a clean out of it I tend to find anywhere from 10-30 fics that I meant to get back to right away, only now it's several months later.

I keep meaning to use the AO3's bookmarking system, but I don't.

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