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Theodosia ([personal profile] theodosia21) wrote in [personal profile] walkingshadow 2010-04-26 07:24 pm (UTC)

I started reading fanfiction in 2006. At that point, I would bookmark fics I had read and enjoyed or planned to read on my internet browser. However, that soon became completely unmanageable, so in May 2007 I opened a account and started to transfer my favorites over. Now my general habit is to bookmark things that I might read some point in the future to my browser, and after I read it, if I think I might want to read it again, I bookmark it at my account. I also keep track of interesting fics at my account- I keep interesting WIP in my favorite stories list and well-written completed stories in my community there. I've saved a few of my favorite stories to my computer, but I generally regard that as such a daunting task (I've just past my three thousandth bookmark on delicious) that it's a very small percentage of my favorites.

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