walkingshadow: text: i chased the internet and got tired. (naked and famous)
walkingshadow ([personal profile] walkingshadow) wrote 2010-04-26 06:45 pm (UTC)

(b) the completely unpredictable ebb and flow of laziness vs. compulsiveness, (c) whatever will most likely lead to crying and gnashing of teeth when I can't find stories I want to find again even when I'm pretty sure I save the story and/or the link somewhere

Um, yes, this is basically the story of my life. ;____; I can get into industrious OCD frenzies, and then get completely overwhelmed and abandon the project entirely. That's what I hate the most, when things are left half somewhere and half elsewhere, half tagged and half not tagged.

can we have an internet-wide magical fic-reading history device next, please?

I vote yes! I'm interested in seeing what will come of tho AO3 bookmarking feature, but since it's still in beta and I don't have an account, I haven't been exploring it. And however popular the AO3 gets, there are still going to be authors (maybe a lot of authors?) who chooose not to archive their fic there; those stories going to need a separate bookmarking site, and I'm not thrilled about collecting stories in yet another location when it isn't going to be comprehensive. So I'm waiting and watching on that front.

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