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iceinyourmusic ([personal profile] iceinyourmusic) wrote in [personal profile] walkingshadow 2010-04-26 06:25 pm (UTC)

Having answered at least one question with the "details in comments" option, I feel like I shd comment, which makes me feel like I shd have a more substantial contribution to offer than "my archiving habits are determined from beginning to end by (a) a complete lack of a system, (b) the completely unpredictable ebb and flow of laziness vs. compulsiveness, (c) whatever will most likely lead to crying and gnashing of teeth when I can't find stories I want to find again even when I'm pretty sure I save the story and/or the link somewhere, and I do in fact know what I shd do to change that (i.e. come up with a system, ANY system), but I'm ttly not in the process of doing so". Sorry.

As for bookmarking, it's a sort of a marginal thing, but I wish I could get myself to use the AO3 bookmarking feature more often (though OTOH the reading history feature there is doing a lot of my work for me - can we have an internet-wide magical fic-reading history device next, please?).

As for keeping, I wanted to say FOREVER (because I never clean out my bookmarks or hard-drive etc. until something happens and everything is irrevocably lost), but I did just recently throw out some print-outs of Austenfic from the late '90s.

... summa summarum, I admire & envy everyone with an archiving system, but you're all unicorns to me.

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