walkingshadow: a watercolor sun on a watercolor sea (and we'll all float on okay)
walkingshadow ([personal profile] walkingshadow) wrote2009-12-28 01:49 am
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hope i get a harmonica

❧ I'm back in Atlanta! But my luggage is still in Fort Lauderdale! Hilarious!

[personal profile] marythefan, thank you so much for your gorgeous Chanukkah card! It was buried for a time under a mountain of everyone else's mail, but I have FOUND it, and it has brightened my evening immeasurably. ♥

❧ Had a great and only slightly weird conversation with my mom last night re: whether or not Sherlock Holmes was gay, and whether or not characters can be gay without their creators knowing it; did not mention the words slash, Star Trek, or fanfiction on the internet even once! Maybe next time.

❧ Cannot WAIT to see Sherlock Holmes.


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